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Full of profound passion, with a crave of knowledge for the nutrition field, I returned to university after 12 years of successful software development career to pursue my studies in

Nutrition and dietetics


My biggest decision to shift from IT field to nutrition was very challenging. However, as a woman who suffered from food intolerances for long time that has affected my work and social life, I decided to conduct my own research and studies to eliminate trigger foods, address inflammation, incorporating new lifestyle practices and correcting my gut health issues. As well as a mom, constantly worrying about my two daughters’ well-being, I wanted to make sure that my children are getting adequate nutrition for a healthy growth and a healthy eating habit.

I learned to appreciate that the dietary needs and preferences of each person including cultural, religious and health requirements are unique. And I understood that meeting the nutritional needs of a patient require a careful individual assessment and planning in partnership with their families.

Currently, as a registered dietician, I look forward to connect with my clients, not only through providing diet assistance, but through a complete educational and counseling approach of health and well-being.

I am cruelly passionate about helping others abandon the diet rules and rediscover the joy of eating and letting them realize that food is so much more than fuel, and that diet rules and rigidity will never be the solution.

My nutrition philosophy in life is

Eat . Live . Thrive

Eat to nourish your body…
Live the life you desire…
Thrive to ignite your life….

In health and happiness,
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